Preston Radio – The New Monday Feature

I don’t know about the readers of this blog, but I’ve had a tough Monday.  Busy, stressful, a crash from the calm, peaceful, enjoyable weekend.  Many like a quiet ale, wine, vodka, bourbon, scotch or whatever helps them become human again.  Necessary before the absurdity that is Q and A.

I am starting something which may or may not continue each week, depending on where I am and what I am up to.  The Monday Music Blog – or Preston Radio.  The idea is to put up some youtubes of great “classical” music that calms, inspires, whatever.  I can’t imagine getting the 600 blog readers I got for the Bogan Tax blog, but if anyone enjoys this, that’s excellent.

Preston Radio One – Lilya Zilberstein

I grew up as a classical music loving boy in a mostly westie rock area – mullets and all. So, the musicians I liked weren’t the same as others.  One of those was the lovely Russian pianist Lilya Zilberstein, who used to look like this:

Slightly different from the women on the wall of my peers.  But a magnificent pianist. She has a unique, glistening tone that I always found beguiling.  Though it’s one of my great musical sadnesses that she has never come out to Australia.  Hence the youtube awesomeness.  But enough of me.  Here she is playing some beautiful tunes, without the bombast you hear from many male pianists:

1.  Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 5

2.  Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.2

3.  And to finish… with the legendary Martha Argerich, the beautiful Rachmaninov Suite No.1 for 2 Pianos.


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