Malcolm Turnbull on the Bolt Report – A Speculation

THE BOLT REPORT 22nd May, 2011 – A Speculative Script

Bolt: Good morning,  Mr. Turnbull and welcome to the Bolt Report.

Turnbull:  You are most welcome, Andrew.

Bolt:  First of all to that wasteful money pit, the NBN.  Do you believe it demonstrates the utter incompetence of this government?

Turnbull:  Yes it does.

Bolt:  I have written frequently in my blog and editorials, as well as spoken on the radio about the dimensions of the absolute calamitous spending impact this project will have, as well as outlining the shortcomings of Stephen Conroy on this matter, but can you add to that picture?

Turnbull:  Yes, I can, Andrew – we believe that this aim of connectivity can be achieved at a much lower cost through private enterprise involvement as well as a fibre to the node approach to constructing the network.

Bolt:  And where have you seen this work?  I believe you saw examples overseas of this approach working.

Turnbull:  I recently went to Korea and saw it work there, as well as Singapore.  We do not need the government to be involved with digging ditches and this other physical work.

Bolt:  Work that can openly exploited by dodgy installers, like the failed pink batts and BER money pits.

Turnbull:  Not necessarily, but work that can be done in conjunction with existing cabling.

Bolt:  Owned by Telstra and Optus.

Turnbull:  Yes.

Bolt:  To other important matters, you have been quoted recently as supporting a market mechanism centred carbon price.  However, do you not accept that the science is flawed, corrupted and part of a wider plan to attack the profits of energy companies and our coal industry?

Turnbull:  No, I do not accept that, neither do a wide variety of peer reviewed scientists…

Bolt:  Reviewed by each other…

Turnbull:  Reviewed by respected, qualified climate scientists, Andrew.

Bolt:  Are you a climate scientist, Malcolm?

Turnbull:  No, I’m not.

Bolt:  Then how can we trust that these scientists have our economic wellbeing at heart?

Turnbull:  Scientists don’t have economic wellbeing at their heart, they are scientists.

Bolt:  So, you agree that these climate scientists are actually working against our economic wellbeing.

Turnbull:  That is not the point, Andrew.

Bolt:  It is the point, because there is no credible evidence left of climate change occurring, especially in the light of the IPCC fraud.

Turnbull:  One set of mistakes does not detract from the overall picture, the facts…

Bolt:  Facts discredited by eminent scientists like Dr. Ian Plimer

Turnbull:  Who is not a climate scientist

Bolt:  Like you.

Turnbull:  And like you.  Like most of us.  We can see from the evidence gathered that climate change is happening – and that conservative governments such as that in Britain have accepted this and are putting a price on carbon.

Bolt:  And conservative governments like that in Canada have seen the truth behind the lies and have turned their back on carbon taxes.

Turnbull:  Which is a pity, especially in a nation such as Canada, which faces an enormous environmental calamity if temperatures rise more.

Bolt:  But temperatures have dropped.  As I have shown the many graphs I present on my blog.

Turnbull:  I have seen those graphs, Andrew.

Bolt:  And can see you the logic behind them.

Turnbull:  Yes, I can Andrew.

Bolt:  And you can see yourself agreeing with those conclusions?

Turnbull:  I have seen the graphs, Andrew.  I see the logic behind them.

Bolt:  And yet you still support a price on carbon, even if it will have no impact on temperatures or the environment.

Turnbull:  I have seen your graphs, as I have seen the graphs and projections of peer review climate scientists, including those produced by our CSIRO.

Bolt:  Which is filled with warming alarmists who fudge figures.

Turnbull:  The world renowned and highly respected CSIRO – I believe we as Australians need to have pride and respect for our institutions such as the CSIRO.

Bolt:  Even if they are wrong?

Turnbull:  Every academic institution needs to be tested and shown to have a strong case behind their statements and conclusions.  The CSIRO has had a long history of having the principle of scrupulous attention to detail and producing solid, evidence based, logical conclusions.

Bolt:  But to use their work to wreck the economy?

Turnbull:  There is evidence that in Europe that a move to a carbon price has not had an overly negative impact on economies…

Bolt:  Greece?  Ireland?  Portugal?

Turnbull:  Those problems had nothing to do with moving to a carbon price.  Stronger economies are moving that way successfully, as will Britain’s.

Bolt:  But haven’t we moved more and more away from Britain and depend on China and the USA, who aren’t putting a price on carbon?

Turnbull:  That is true, but it is not my point on this matter.  We need to have a principled approach, in order to reduce carbon on such an important landmass like Australia.

Bolt:  And your point is to go against your leader on this issue – and then announce that you want to take his chair.  Won’t that completely destabilise your party?

Turnbull:  When I was replaced as leader, I made clear my continuing support for a market based mechanism for a price on carbon and stay with that – a policy, I might add, which was promulgated by John Howard.

Bolt:  Who was suckered in before these corrupt IPCC emails and the other discredited eivdence.

Turnbull:  Who saw the overwhelming evidence and could see the need for a movement towards the market, rather than spending billions of dollars on industry, as we can see with the direct action model.

Bolt:  I agree, direct action is also a poor idea, because climate change is not happening. But, let’s be honest, neither is your ascension back to the leadership.  Tony Abbott is doing very well.

Turnbull:  Yes he is and I am not signalling a push for the leadership in the short term.  I believe, however, that it is dishonest not to admit that you would like to be the leader of the party of which you are a proud member.  If that does not happen again, though, that is what I will accept – hoping, of course, to serve at least as a minister.  In my case, Minister for Communication and the Digital Economy.

Bolt:  Yes.  And not the environment and climate change.

Turnbull:  Yes, that would be Greg Hunt’s role in a new government.

Bolt:  Yes, indeed.  Thank you, Mr Turnbull.

Turnbull:  Thank you, Andrew.  Pleasure to be here.

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