Tony Abbott is Groucho Marx

A short post today, due mostly to the insane work life I lead at the moment. It seems the minority government is still working very well, with the independents and Greens forcing the Government to do things that help the community, rather than squibbing on things due to intense pressure from expensively supported lobbyists in Canberra and on certain media outlets.

After seeing a tweet from @LukeWhito sent to Minister for Things Albo, it struck me that this video sums up Tony Abbott’s tactics as Opposition Leader like nothing else. Right down to the “Whatever It Is, I’m Against It”, the beard pulling of important people (just think of his “farting in church” performance when Obama was in town) and the repetition of “I Always Get My Man”. In Abbott’s case, of course, it’s a woman he is “trying to get”.

Only thing is though, Abbott isn’t funny like Groucho.  He takes himself much too seriously – and so does our media.

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