Christmas At Home – How Could It Work?

I have been absolutely blown away from the initial response to the idea of connecting people through the #xmasathome hashtag. It is concept that came from a discussion between @Doc_Samantha, @steph_philbrick and I.  It will be interesting to see how people connect through the tag – here are some ideas of how the actual day can work, in terms of how people can contribute to discussions around the hashtag.

There can be discussions of anything on Christmas, about Christmas, what people are doing on the day, what people are drinking. However, there can also discussions centred around various themes – just like at parties and Christmas lunches, where various things are discussed. These could be discussed around various side channels, where people can type a secondary hashtag – so people on #xmasathome can also do a second search about specific discussions. These tags could include:

#xmashomedrinks – where people talk about their favourite Christmas tipple

#xmashomefood – where food and be discussed, recipes shared

#xmashomehobbies – where people can discuss what kind of hobbies they like

#xmashometv – discussion of the awful TV that is usually plastered on the screens on the day. One of the best things about Twitter is its ability to take purely awful TV and more it awesome through tweeps bagging it communally. This tag could then pare down into discussions of individual shows.

#xmashomefilms – same principle as the TV, except people could get something out of their DVD collections if what is on the TV is just too painful for words

#xmashomemusic – where tweeps can share what music they are listening to, liking – maybe share clips on youtube

#xmashomesport – this could be a discussion of sport in general. This would probably pare down into individual sports – #xmashomecricket, for example.  People could then discuss things inside each sport – one idea related to cricket could be #boxingdaymemories – people’s memories of their favourite Boxing Day Test Match memory. Like mine, of Bruce Reid running through the English in 1990.

#xmashomeyear – Perhaps people could write about what they have liked about the year and what needs to be celebrated about that year. That’s important for the Christmas period. It is a time for celebration.

#xmashomereligion – People could discuss what Christmas means to them, in terms of religious beliefs. As with anything on Twitter, this isn’t compulsory, but it could be there for those who believe that Christmas is a great time to celebrate the Advent season.

That is a the general idea. People could even drop the initial #xmasathome tag if they wished to, once snuggled into a conversation around one of these side issues.

There could also be people who suggest lists at various times – where people list things they like about the year, food, and the like.

If people have other suggestions for hashtag ideas, or any other ideas of how the day’s sharing could occur, please leave a message here on the blog.

Merry #xmasathome.


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