Cricket Memorabilia from The Preston Institute

A less serious blog post today – but this could be a discussion starter in preparation for #nyeathome.

I do love cricket. It has been a part of my life from a young age and remains my favourite sport – especially test cricket. I was lucky enough to be in the Members’ section of the MCG yesterday in order to see Sachin Tendulkar’s silky skills, even if it abruptly ended by a Siddle spell where he was getting reverse swing. It’s a pity that Siddle doesn’t seem as comfortable with a newer ball.

Part of my cricket adoration has been remembering obscure cricket moments. (I am suggesting, for example, that people could, during #nyeathome, have a #nyecricket discussion where people nominate the favourite cricket moment of 2011.) Hence, I am suggesting that if ever I had access to the memorabilia facilities commanded by Tony Grieg, I would make a set of shirts that gave prominence to cricketing moments that may have been forgotten by most. Shirts that would attract a nod and perhaps a wink from the true cricket fan.

I am therefore suggesting the following moments and concepts could be part of that range:
1. Shane Warne gets out for 99.
2. Gillespie scores 200 against Bangladesh
3. McDermott’s Helmet, Adelaide, 1993
4. Tavare spills the catch, Melbourne, 1982
5. Gatting’s Reverse Sweep, World Cup Final, 1987
6. The typical MacGill over as a suite of wines – Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and then the Spumante at the end.
7. The Eddie Cowan Leave.
8. Watson and Katich at the same end, Melbourne, 2009.
9. Mike Whitney holds out Hadlee.
10. Gatting reacts to being bowled by Hughes, 1993.
11. Lillee and Marsh make a bet, 1981
12. Katich Pins Clarke to the Wall.
13. Ponting meets Carlotta at the Bourbon and Beefsteak.
14. Mr. Haynes, meet Mr. Healy.
15. The Barmy Army sing The Johnson Family
16. Graffiti from 1989 – Thatcher Out – lbw Alderman
17. John Howard’s Pakistan Ball.
18. A List of all spin bowlers since Shane Warne.
19. McGrath Gets 61.
20. Andrew Symonds on a Fishing Boat.
21. Curtly is asked to remove his armbands.

Any further ideas? Please feel free to add to the range.

5 thoughts on “Cricket Memorabilia from The Preston Institute

  1. David Horton says:

    How could you forget Thomson being dismissed at end of that gallant Border-Thommo last wicket stand? It gave my daughter, then in her teens, a life-long love of test cricket. Many others too I bet.

    On the other hand I had forgotten many you list here, and a few have me puzzled – could you add some short descriptions/reasons perhaps?

    1. prestontowers says:

      I like being obscure sometimes. And the Tavare spill was a reference to the catch that removed Jeff Thomson in the Melbourne Test of 1982 – that had a similar impact on me as a 10 year old.

  2. Bill says:

    The one that stands out in my memory is when Greg Chappell was caught in the outfield by a brilliant catch from the New Zealand captain (Martin someone…?)
    Everyone saw it, except the two umpires and Chappell just stood there.

    This travesty of sportsmanship is overlooked because it was the same game that finished with the underarm.

  3. David Horton says:

    Hmm, ok, Tavare was a slightly obscure way to refer to it! One or two others will I guess remain a mystery to me. But the others excellent – I assume you are getting the limited editions framed now? Fortune to be made!

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