TeeCember – 2012 Style

As the Month of Dodgy Moustaches comes to a close, I am suggesting another thing for people to donate to. Yes, that’s insane, I know. But there are people who like giving, plus others who don’t like dodgy moustaches with some spare cash. Plus, December is a great month for wearing Tshirts. This is why I am suggesting people could support a charity idea of mine that I started last year, TeeCember.

The idea of TeeCember is that people can wear a different Tshirt for every day in December – either after work or during work (if they are lucky enough to work at such enlightened workplaces). They can then take a picture of said shirt, put it on a blog or their Tumblr – like I did with last year’s Festival of Shirts.

The other part of the exercise – the most important part – is for people to use their shirt wearing in order to raise awareness and funds for little known autism related charities. People who get involved could start up an account with Everyday Hero or similar facility and support a charity that in some way helps kids on the autism spectrum, and / or parents with children on the spectrum.  Any charity.  The one I support, the Luke Priddis Foundation, supports parents with kids on the spectrum, with the long term goal of establishing permanent facilities for children.  Others who chime in on TeeCember, however, could support charities that support kids on the spectrum in their own area.

The reason I feel passionately about this is because my son, who is now 12, is on the spectrum and would have done with the support and assistance that is now becoming part of the landscape. He was especially lucky we stumbled across an expert teaching in a Catholic school who has been his guardian angel for these last 8 years – but others should be able to find more than lucky guardian angels to help. That’s why organisations like Luke Priddis’ needs donations.

So, people, put on a shirt each day, take a photo of it, tweet it, blog it, raise money.  I want this to be a thing that is not just me taking photos of myself. If you want to do it, tell me on the @prestontowers account, or make a response to this blog or the teecember.wordpress.com account – I am happy to publish guest Tshirt pictures there.

TeeCember. Supporting kids on the autism spectrum and their parents.