Five Photos a Day – Glancing at Europe – Part 1 – London

Each day over the next 22 days or so, I am uploading 5 photos from each day of our recent trip to Europe. Though, when the Iceland bit comes around, there may be more than 5 a day. Hopefully people will enjoy the photos, which will come with a bit of an explanation. Or not.

Today’s photos of London aren’t all that different from other shots you would have seen elsewhere. That won’t be the case as the posts go along.

1. From the Gatwick Express. The first thing that struck me about England was how they liked building houses that fit in with each other – long lines of similar houses. It’s not something you see from the train from the Blue Mountains to the City.

From the Gatwick Express
From the Gatwick Express

2.  Telephone Booth and Fast Food. We stayed in the North London town of Bayswater, largely because it was cheap – $150 AU a night. This was one of the first things we saw when we emerged from the tube station. I thought its mix of the old telephone booth and the fast food outlets summed up modern London to an extent.

Telephone Booth and Fast Food


3. Villa Units in Bayswater. There seems to be a long string of old terrace houses in Bayswater that act as flats to rent or one bedroom apartments to stay in. I liked the inside and outside of them, mainly because I was up for some English cliche action at this point.

Villa Units in Bayswater


4. Corporatising London.  I quickly appreciated London’s taxis, especially as we found lugging luggage around the tube nearly impossible.  They gave us a different way of seeing London, even if they weren’t that cheap to use. One of the first ones I saw, though, showed me that no icon is safe from advertising.


Corporatising London


5. The New and the Old of London’s Taxis.  The makers of the London taxis are facing serious problems with their books – partially because these days in London, a variations of the Mercedes Benz Vito can now be taxis.  Here’s the old and the new – accompanied with the first bus I saw.

Taxis and a Bus
The New and the Old of London Taxis

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