Five Photos a Day – Glancing at Europe – Day 3 – London to Iceland

The third day was centred around leaving London and flying to Reykjavik – even if it’s only a 3 and a half hour flight. This is why the day had fewer photos than the rest of the trip. There was a chance, however, to see the Westminster Cathedral.

1. Westminster Cathedral from the Outside. The colour contrasts are unusual for a church, especially a Catholic one.

Westminster Cathedral
Westminster Cathedral

2. Inside Westminister Cathedral.  There is something inspiring about the architecture of a Cathedral, even if you’re not religious.


3. Side Grotto. The side grottos of Cathedrals give a chance for quiet contemplation.  This is one of the most impressive I have seen.

Side grotto at the Cathedral
Side grotto at the Cathedral

4. Welcome to Iceland.  When we arrived in Iceland, we picked up the car and drove towards our destination, the Hotel Glymur. This was the first place we saw – Reykjanesbaer.  We were both amazed at how different the countryside and houses looked, even here. As we were to find out, it is rather a bland place in comparison with the rest of the country.

Welcome to Iceland
Welcome to Iceland

5. Icelandic Architecture – Reykjanesbaer near Sunset. The buildings of Iceland also struck our Australian / English eyes as very different. It gave a taste of what was to come.

Reykjanesbaer near sunset
Reykjanesbaer near sunset

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