The New Australia – What a Land of Hope and Glory

Today’s post is by a guest writer – Mike Kennedy – who is heartened by the fact the Daily Mail looks to be setting up a branch in Australia

Too many people have been bleating about the actions of the new Government.  This week’s Newspoll and Nielsen poll show that there’s short memories about the previous incompetent government.  What has Bill Shorten done in order to suddenly rise in the polls, other than go on leave, cop a funny nickname and make a few “me too” statements with the Abbott Government?  Maybe that is what gets political success with some deluded people.

Also, Indonesia. Wasn’t there a time when we fought against them? East Timor?  I’m pretty sure the chardonnay was flowing around the inner city townhouses congratulating John Howard for telling Indonesia to bugger off out of the sovereign country of East Timor. Now they are suddenly friends with SBY and his crew of three letter initials.  Trumpeting newspapers from there, even if the have cartoons show our PM doing disgusting things.  As people know, I’m all for freedom of speech, but that really went too far.  I can’t imagine Abbott wearing tacky Australian flag boxers, for a start.  Mind you, it now seems that East Timor is a pack of ungrateful kids, complaining about a bit of espionage back in 2004 – conveniently straight after the former owner. That’s what happens when you have something that should be Australia’s, kids.

Now there’s the goneski of Gonski. Of course it was always going to go. The Gonski document was littered with expressions like “equality” and the like – borderline socialism supported by hosts of Teacher Unions, which are some of our hardest line Stalinists around. Why would Christopher Pyne uphold something that trumpets “equality” when most people who voted for him send their kids to private schools.  It should also be no surprise that Pyne wouldn’t be interested in talking to the writers of Gonski – he didn’t ask a single question about education in parliament while being the education spokesman, so why start reading things to do with his portfolio now?  He’s much too busy infuriating lefties with the success of his campaign to bring standards and Classics back to teaching. A good thing too. Our NAPLAN results show us that there isn’t enough Direct Action in terms of teaching basic skills.  Our old school programs are much too good at encouraging kids to see Snapchats as a “Text” to be studied.  Why waste money bringing equality when you can have your department make a series of videos hosted by Miranda Devine on phonics and Alan Jones about grammar correctness?  I think teachers will find it easy to “manage” their classes while those two are speaking.  They won’t be snapchatting then.

Far from being appalled by the first actions of this government, I am looking forward to the next steps of this excellent, adult government for a number of reasons. First of all, there’s still fat to be sliced off, as we have seen in the ABC salaries that were presented.  They don’t make the taxpayer any money, so maybe they could be put to good use – we should Mark Colvin selling prepared coq au vin, have Leigh Sales selling yachts, also be marketing Lyndal Curtains, Annabel Crab Puffs, Richard Glove(r)s. I also think we lost an opportunity for architects to pay the licence fee for the “Monica Attic”. So what value for money are we getting from these people?  Certainly not as much value as the advertisers are getting for their money sponsoring Andrew Bolt’s program.

I also think that the government should be extending the usefulness of the PNG / Nauru solution for the illegal arrivals. If they encourage these tiny nations to set up Special Economic Zones in their nations, then the illegal arrivals could be put to useful work and turn these nations into economic powerhouses like China and Thailand, making goods for various first world corporations. Imagine the words “Made in PNG” supplanting “Made in China” on the goods we buy. Only this time, the Australian Government can arrange a management fee to come out of each item bought. A big brother levy, if you like. That’s because we like to help our little buddies in the Pacific.

This Government hasn’t gone too far – it hasn’t gone far enough.  And now it looks as though that excellent beacon of worldwide media success, the Daily Mail, is set to begin here, things can only get better. Happy and Glorious indeed.


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