The Preston Institute Presents – New TV Shows for 2014

For 200 posts, you know that the Preston Institute can produce as many thought provoking and thinkfluencing ideas as any of those coming from more famous Institutes, such as the Ponds Institute.  This set of ideas come after a highly successful bluesky confluence session embedded in our specially built thinkcentre.

We at the Institute know that you are all itching to watch the great highlights of Aussie TV in 2014 such as the Schapelle Telemovie, the INXS Mini Series, the latest Underbelly offshoot and the usual slew of “reality” TV shows.  These shows from the Preston Institute are guaranteed to inspire Buzz, Cut-through and Watercoolerchatability™ .

1. The 2014 Australian Kitchen Open. 

As the ultimate in confluent sportstainment, we present the 2014 Australian Kitchen Open, where you will see the world’s best tennis players in a new light – under the blinding lights of the kitchen!  Watch Roger Federer prepare his favourite fondues, Maria Sharapova her best borscht and introducing a comeback for the two Woodies, making their famous “double” lasagne.  Commentary by AFL legend Brian Taylor, who gets pretty much every name and dish wrong.

2. So You Think You Can Deuce.

While the tennis players are busy in the kitchen, Australia’s favourite TV celebrities, AFL players and whoever else Channel 7 can find will fight out a set of hilarious tennis matches at the now vacant Melbourne Park Tennis Complex.  The moment that you all asked for has come, where you can watch Bruce McAvaney actually play tennis while Jim Courier tells us what Bruce gets up to after the tennis. Todd Woodbridge will be there, but in a new segment where he won’t play, but will be targeted by every female tennis player who has ever played, as revenge for the sexist comments he just can’t resist making.

3. Fit Tony and Co

A show about the activities of Tony Abbott and his Cabinet. Fit Tony is put through a range of obstacle course challenges as he strives to escape media questions and scrutiny.  Watch as he manages to claim travel to each obstacle course.  Other attractions – George Brandis finding ever more creative ways to build his library, Scott Morrison sorting through designs for a new Asylum Seeker arm patch and Christopher Pyne managing to avoid every single school on a tour around Australia. Watch for the appearance of Bob Ellis, featuring as a hard as nails detective seeking to throw the whole operation into gaol.

4. Six and Out

Watch Brett Lee bowl, then sing at a revolving list of the world’s most disliked celebrities, voted in by you, the audience.  Kyle Sandilands, the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary Team, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Andrew Bolt – it’s your choice!   They may be able to survive the bowling, but the singing is another matter.

5. The Peter Foster Story

See the other side of the story of glamorous and successful modern day Ned Kelly, Aussie businessman Peter Foster.  Watch as the Aussie battler lives the high life with Muhammad Ali, Samantha Fox and Cherie Blair. See him make his millions against the odds, selling tea to the English.

6. Downton Abbott

A show about Tony Abbott trying to find suitable suitors for his daughters, scripted in tasteful fashion by Peta Credlin.

7. My Twitter Police Rules

This is a niche program for ABC News 24.  Watch as we start a Twitter War with the touch of a keyboard.  Using the Twitter accounts of the likes of Mia Freedman, Catherine Deveny and Chris Kenny, we launch the tweets and sit back and see which person tries to climb on their self bred high horses and claim the moral high ground.  Laugh as a wide variety make pronouncements about what people should be tweeting in response to the original tweet.   The show will also feature a subtweet specialist, able to see what other Twitter spectators are gossiping about on the sidelines.

8. My Pejazzled Life

The reality show presenting the parallel lives of Warwick Capper and Brynne Edelsten, where we follow them around a life spent in their unique universes.  Eventually, their lives come together in a blaze of pejazzling glory at a Brownlow Medal after party to remember. 

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