Welcome to the New Preston Institute of Music

Hi and welcome to the Preston Institute of Music.  I’ll say from the outset that this isn’t an actual Preston Institute of Music, there isn’t one of those. I’ve checked. This is more a place where I, under this guise of Preston Towers, will blog about classical music.  Here’s what I am hoping to do.

  1. Talk about the music I love. Actually love, unlike the politics, which made me angry and passionate, as well as vulnerable and often awkward. Classical music doesn’t make me feel those things.
  2. Talk about music that has been loved but neglected. There’s so much music out there that isn’t discussed all that much on the interwebs. I’d like to address that.
  3. Make music chat fun and accessible to all. There’s hopefully going to be no snobbishness or elitism on this.  I really don’t like the way the upper middle class seem to have hijacked classical music, especially in Australia, effectively shutting off apparent access from a wider population. It wasn’t always that way.
  4. Make classical music less scary.  There may be useful things to know about music and I’ll cover that, but you don’t need to know Sonata form or the complexities of 5/8 time in order to enjoy music.
  5. Find cool videos. There’s so many cool videos out there from a variety of classical music fans – and I’ll find a few and share them.

Final note – the header image is from the foyer of amazing Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland, which is my favourite concert hall.  Perhaps think of this blog as the welcoming foyer for a new musical adventure.


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