Twitaddiction – from 2012

This post, from a now repurposed site, is from 2012. My struggles are not new.
Hello, I’m Preston Towers and I am a Twitter addict. I check it several times a day and at night, I scroll down, watching the faces and words swim past my face. When I see a mention or DM, I seize upon it immediately, my heart leaping a tiny bit at being noticed and responded to.  I always feel a twinge of regret if I can’t think of some kind of response – I feel like I’ve let people down if I don’t.
My evenings are filled with me and the social network, socialising, sharing, conversing. Me on my couch while my partner is doing likewise or looking at other websites. Watching television with half an eye on the screen and the other on my pad, seeing the reactions of others to the same show.  When crap TV is on, I am watching it, commenting on, hashtagging my attempts at witticisms. When the football is on, I am shouting and pleading on the pad what I used to do to the TV. I am connected and I am addicted.
Whenever I see things that are interesting, I want to photograph them and tweet them. When I see an article about something irrelevant or relevant, I want to tweet it with my reaction.  In that, I am addicted to being a Twitbroadcaster.  The follower numbers feed that little addiction.
I want to tear myself away from my Twitter addiction – I am becoming increasingly disconnected from the world around me and tasks I need to do.  The connections I have developed with the people sitting behind their keyboards and pads keeps me in Twitland.  Such a great group of people.  I don’t want to appear rude if I disappear for days and weeks at a time.   I really do want to respond, engage, chat.  But I know I can’t in the long term.  This is the bind of Twitaddiction.
Having torn myself away from my blogging addiction and shutting down the Institute (for now), I still have pangs, especially if something Stupid is said about the Greens (which is often) or by the Liberals (which is almost always). I have managed, however, to stop myself via Twitter engagement. Now, however, I have to take a break from that as well. Or at least a better managed engagement.
I probably won’t succeed because I am generally an all or nothing bloke – balance is not something I have been good at achieving in my life.  I do, however, need to try. Hopefully the good people of Twitistan will understand.

No, I’ve never achieved this. *sigh*

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