The Preston Institute is a think tank deep in the western suburbs of Sydney, organising plenty of blue sky sessions, ideas factories and thought showers.  It aims to have cut-through, traction and stickability.

The Executive Director of the Preston Institute, Preston Towers is by day a worker in a profession that is pretty far removed from the world of think tanks and thinkfluencing. At other times, however, here he is, as someone writing about whatever comes into his head about culture, sport and politics.

There has been speculation about what other things Mr. Towers has been – all pointless and groundless. Though bit player in an Ealing Comedy of the 1950s is his favourite speculation.

There are always openings for new recruits to the Preston Institute – unfortunately, as the Institute does not support any particular business enterprise or lobbies for any financial sectors, there is no salary available. Beer or wine, however, could be arranged.

4 replies on “About”

Hi Preston,
I read (and appreciated) your article, ““They are a Strange Cattle Here, Bob” – A Katterclysm at the Sydney Writers’ Festival” and wonder if you have figured out what exactly happened at that Cloncurry Branch ALP election in 1956. When they ‘stuck’ with the government, did that mean they went with the groupers? Was the government a grouper one? (I have read the book and still cannot figure it out.)

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