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The Current Affairs Live Tweeting Continues

The News Current Affairs Tweeting experiment continues. The first week has yielded curious results – with this Wordle indicating some things about the week:

I have decided to start a dedicated Twitter account for live tweeting the News and the Current Affairs programs – @tonightsvoice. This is partially to stop me being put into “Twitter Gaol” and partially to spare my followers the constant stream of “Current Affairs”.

Finally, here is exactly what I saw for four nights – and what Katie Purvis saw for one night.

Monday January 23

By the way, I’m following through with my promise to livetweet the #9news in Sydney. Any bets on KFed at the GWS Giants being Story No.1?

Story No. 1 – Mr Thompson from Laurie Oakes. Disappointed it wasn’t KFed #9news

Laurie Oakes telling us that the navy might have to ignore Tony’s boat phone. #9news

Of course, Peter Slipper was mentioned. #9news

Next, an accident on a street near a playground and children everywhere. #9news

Stanhope Gardens has dangerous, narrow streets. Not a surprise there. #9news

The accident will “spur” locals into action about the streets. #9news

Drivers and parents need to aware of kids on streets #9news

Fire at a factory in St. Marys. Chemicals involved. #9news

Hazmat crews are clever. #stmarysfire #9news

Story No.4 – The Price Battle between Coles and Woolworths on Lamb for Australia Day. #9news

Ross Greenwood is in a supermarket, saying how the “Fresh Food People” are great for offering discounts. #9news

The Normie Rowe ads apparently are attracting a lot of attention for Coles. #9news

A Muslim Woman has been forced to pay legal bills after a racism accusation was not proved. #9news

The word “Muslim” has been mentioned at least 3 times already. #9news

Cue pictures of angry “Muslim Brotherhood” members. #9news

Ah. Kevin Federline story. Jayne Azzopardi outside Mt. Druitt Hospital. #9news

Pictures of KFed with facemask. #9news

KFed didn’t have a heart attack. He’s 33 and 105kgs. Heart scares taken seriously. #9news

Gabrielle Giffords story – “Miracle is an overused word, but not on this occasion”. #9news

After the break – a Drive By, a Story No Parent Can Afford to Miss and a Supermodel Story. #9news

Oh, look, an ad in the break for the coupons from Woolworths that Ross Greenwood mentioned during his story on #9news

Targeting of Admiralty House and Kirribilli House – with bags of powder. No more details. #9news

That was the “drive by”, by the way. No guns. Just powder thrown at the PM’s Sydney House. #9news

Kids’ school bags are too heavy and are difficult to carry. #9news

Tips on how parents should pack kids’ schoolbags properly. #9news

Miranda Kerr wore thongs while dressed as Wonder Woman. #9news

Australians are almost out at the Australian Open – plus Michael Clarke is “bristling” at something. After the break. #9news

Now, Curtis Stone is on an ad talking about lamb you can buy at Coles. A bit like the lamb at Coles Ross Greenwood mentioned earlier. #9news

ANOTHER Coles ad. This time for steak. #9news

KFC brings us the sport report on #9news

Lleyton Hewitt has “nothing to lose” and “Tomic was knocked out abruptly” at the Aus Open #9news

Ana Ivanovic’s loss is framed only by the fact Adam Scott watched from the stands. #9news

Serena Williams’ defeat was a Major Shock. #9news

Tensions running high between Australia and India – Aus. prepare pitches for their benefit. #9news

“Seewag” praised our bowling attack. #9news

We haven’t “doctored” our pitches, according to Michael Clarke. #9news

Clarke disagrees that India have given up the fight. #9news

I love the lingering shots on the interviewer in this. Reminiscent of Brooke Vandenburg in Frontline. #9news

Clarke – Experienced players “want to see the team going in the right direction”. #9news (hopefully to the grounds).

Qantas and Engineers have agreed to terms. One line. #9news

George Bailey’s appointment as T20 Captain was announced as a footnote – to the response from Overton “Warner’s there, isn’t he?” #9news

I suspect Peter Overton thinks that the Australian T20 side has only one player. #9news

Weather time. Raining is about to start. #9news

And that’s it. #9news is over. #aca has started.

I can’t watch and tweet #aca. That will just kill me. Currently, a story with a dodgy recreation of an accident between a roo and a car.

Ah, Tracy, laughing with the interviewee. I see #aca is starting with a story proving that Tracy is indeed human. #notlikefrontlineatall

Hang on, we have a big deal at the moment with pokies reform and yet #aca has 15 minutes dedicated to a car accident with a kangaroo.

Excellent. The Council Love Rat Scandal on #aca. Oh, it’s the Gold Coast. Of course it’s on.

“The Local Government Lothario”. #aca This is what the Gold Coast has been Talking About all weekend.

Man walking a street asking people whether they would vote for a “love rat”. #9news

Apparently the whole scandal has “exploded in his face”. Not literally, I trust. #aca

Lots of talk of Italy – apparently being a love rat would get you voted in over there. #stereotypes #aca

Now there is an 8 year old heavy metal rocker. #aca #youtubevideos

Putting the word “Hardcore” on her song is a mistake, apparently. And Parents don’t like an 8 year old on youtube. #aca

Does anyone other than Madonna King live in Brisbane? #aca

Oh, excellent ANOTHER Miranda Kerr story. This time on #aca after the break.

Miranda Kerr. On #aca. That should get me followers. #channel9logic

Channel 9 audiences will probably go off to see The Iron Lady. It goes light on the politics, like Channel 9 itself. #aca #advertising

Movie Star and a Young Family. Life is Just About Perfect for Miranda Kerr. #aca

The #aca reporter is in New York, walking next to Miranda, who is still carrying a dog.

Tuesday January 24

First story – car accident south of Campbelltown. Crushing mentioned. Also Monstering. #9news

Now more details. Bricks. B double. Took out a guard rail. More Description. #9news

This story is longer than the political stories. Features more detail as well. #9news

Now a heavy crane has been brought in, like experts. Now we have Damien Live from the Scene. #9news

Camera wobble in studio. #9news

Now a boy lost off the coast. Grim news. Helicopters. Corrimal dangerous. #9news

Footage of a police boat flipping. #9news

Talks about asylum seeker boats has “collapsed”. Nauru processing centre “too expensive”. #9news

The Coalition isn’t convinced of the truth of the expense of Nauru. #9news

Deaths of asylum seekers has dragged people to the table. #9news

Morrison – “the government can’t be trusted, just look at Andrew Wilkie”. #9news

Bowen has left the door open for discussions. #9news #thatisit

Exclusive pictures of an agitated machete brandishing bandit. #9news

Security footage being shown and being described, moment by moment. #9news

The owner is “shocked” and possibly down an employee. #9news

People were “acting suspiciously” for weeks near the petrol station. #9news

Controversial Magistrate Pat O’Shane now. #9news

Now we have @barryofarrell saying they will support ambulance and police. #9news. #thatisit

Peter Harvey uses the word “hullabaloo” about 4G phones. #9news

Apparently, according to Peter Harvey, it’s “fast”. But only for city centres. #9news

We’ve come a long way from 1987. Footage of the first mobile phone being handled. #9news

The actions of a neighbour during a terrifying home invasion now. #9news

Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke have made it before the sport report. Focus is on Nathan Lyon at the start. #9news

Cowan was methodical but “no cigar”. #9news

After the break – flood footage and Cameron Diaz. #9news

I think I might to have hang around for the “war on hoons” later on #aca #9news

Summer has brought wild weather from Belligen to Brisbane. But not last year’s full scale disaster #9news

Footage of a car being towed in flood waters. #9news

River banks burst at Bellingen. Locals said “it looks big”. #9news

Rain forecast for Australia Day. Apparently it doesn’t “look that flash for BBQs” according to weather expert. #9news

Alcohol related arrests higher on Australia Day than on other days. Police spokesman telling people to be careful. #9news

Cameron Diaz at the Dior Fashion Show. No head of Dior still. #9news

Oooh. Manly are retouching photos of the Grand Final Victory last year, eliminating Des Hasler. After the Break on #9news

Sport report – Hewitt was brave, but outplayed. This means no more Aussies at the Aus Open. #9news

Tennis report. The women’s and Federer given little mention. Hewitt lots. Sharapova’s shrieking discussed. #9news

Now Ken Sutcliffe is giving his opinion of how wonderful Ricky and Michael are. #9news

Des Hasler has been airbrushed from all photos being produced at Manly of last year’s Grand Final victory. #9news

Michael Slater couldn’t get through – which is why we had Ken talking out the top of his head. #9news

Hello, Curtis Stone. #9news #willseehimagainsoon

SuperStay Lipstick Stays On Longer. #9news #ads

Oh, hai, Coles. Glad to see you’re back. And now with the No Added Hormones Singers. #9news #thisisaustralia

Frequent Flyer Wednesday on Today, Tomorrow. #9news

Rain for Australia Day. Oh, no! #9news

I hope you have a good evening, says Peter. Yes, we will. Now there’s Tracy. #9news #aca

I have to livetweet #aca. This is all too much. Filter at will.

The war on revheads. Cue footage of cars being revved, dramatic music, swearing, interviews with locals. #aca

The “hoons” say the people who protest about the cars are “unAustralian”. #aca #drink

The police are “putting the hoons through the ringer”. I can’t see said ringer. Just a whole lot of sportscars. #aca

Footage of “hoons” being pulled over who have too thick a tint and modified engines. #aca

The horn is 117 decibels. Plus an exposed air filter. That’s illegal. Outraged driver doesn’t understand. #aca

Now footage with music reminiscent of “Cops”, with police looking for modified cars. #aca

Hoons telling the reporter about the burnouts he has done. In La Perouse. #aca

This is happening “around the country”. Tracy wants to know about people who have a problem with “car enthusiasts”. Email #aca if you do.

Now it’s a “failed” TV star called Charles Gance who is a “deadbeat Dad” and “sleaze” being shown. #aca

Apparently Charles Gance wanted to start up a reality show called “Fantasy Island”. People who worked for him owed money. #aca

Gance had a “hands on approach” to would be contestants on Fantasy Island. #aca

Gance once got a witch to “put a spell on an ex girlfriend”. #aca

Mum is asking her son to stop her son from banning the cremation of her husband. #aca

Charles Gance’s past interview being showed in black and white. To show that it was in the past. #aca

Now an interview with a funeral director. So, Gance has outraged them too, it seems. #aca

Now Gance is a “world peace ambassador”. Her mother is asking how he could be one, when he doesn’t have peace with his family. #aca

Racist Flag Story. #aca

“Incredibly, a study has shown that people who show their flags are more racist than those who don’t” #aca

Cue footage of people showing flags on their cars, accompanied by TNT. #aca

University professor with glasses explaining how the study shows how more people with flags have different attitudes. #aca

How can you compare hairy racists with those who show their flags because they are proud. #aca

Neil Mitchell quoted – saying we show the flag because we are proud. Wars mentioned. National pride. Academics telling us we’re idiots. #aca

Flag seller interviewed. He doesn’t see a problem in people flying the flag. #aca

The flag is a “piece of cloth” that seems to divide us. It should unite us. #aca

Neil Mitchell thinks we should embrace our pride. Enjoy a BBQ. Tracy points us to the website, where people can respond to story #aca

Now it’s KFed on Excess Baggage. #aca

KFed “got a bit overheated”, that is all. #aca

Now contestants from Excess Baggage saying “they aren’t being pushed”. #aca

Emma Ashton, Reality TV Blogger. Says we love the drama and controversy of reality TV shows. #aca

Now footage of former Biggest Loser contestants who put the weight back on. Accompanied by sad violin music. #aca

KFed had a “minor electrical disturbance” and is back on deck with Excess Baggage. #phew #aca

No More Clutter on #aca

The house is a mess. Lots of boxes, mess, embarrassing. Needs a cleanup. This is current affairs, people. #aca

Ikea are coming to unclutter the house. How generous of them. #aca

Have a red bucket for things you want to keep. Jess Williams from Ikea confident they will find a home for all of it. #aca

After 24 hours, the house looks DIFFERENT. And full of Ikea. #aca

Australia’s Worst Boss on #aca tomorrow. Martin King “Investigates”.

Wednesday January 25

Rain, rain, rain – #9news has started.

Flashflooding – causing flashbacks. #9news

Towns cut in half and more rain to come in Bellingen. Things will get worse – intense and widespread. #9news

Now we have Darren from the Gold Coast, showing how wet it is up there. There’s an alert in Tweed Heads. #9news

Car crash on the M7 at Cecil Hills. #9news Plus, a public plea for help in relation to yesterday’s car crash at Menangle.

Car accident coverage CAN extend to two days on #9news. Now with added emotional interviews and repeating of yesterday’s footage.

Petrol and groceries are expensive – it’s an inflation story with Ross Greenwood. #9news

Fridge based economic graphs are exclusive to #9news, by the way.

Now there’s a live cross to Ross holding an umbrella, talking about the economy. #9news

Now there’s a dog escaping from the Lodge. #9news

Craig Thompson is a man needing friends – footage of him leaving his house. Allegations repeated. #9news

Pictures of Craig Thompson walking down the street, denying claims. #9news

A senior minister should be charged with theft – now it’s @alboMP lifting from The American President. #9news

Australia Day – don’t forget an umbrella. #9news

Now it’s Peter Harvey reporting on the “extraordinary” finalists from the Australian of the Year. #9news

No alcohol on certain beaches, and booze vans sweeping the streets. #9news

We see @barryofarrell telling us it’s not like the old days. #9news

Not dressing up with paraphenalia is “unAustralian” according to Peter Harvey. Cue picture of him with Aussie singlet, flags and hats.#9news

I suspect Harvey wasn’t being entirely serious with that suggestion. He did not put the clothes on. #9news

Cricket test. We know what happened there. #9news

Police “cracking down” on taxis, Demi Moore’s gone to hospital and Pitt v Clooney at the Oscars. After the break on #9news

By the way, I think every economics report should be accompanied with graphs shown on an animated fridge from now on. #9news

Dozens of taxi drivers and their cars have been inspected as part of a “safety crackdown” #9news

Demi Moore is in hospital, due to exhaustion. Quote from TMZ that she may have collapsed to substance abuse. #9news #tmznowmajornewssource

Now the Oscars. The nominations put up on an old style cinema banner. #9news

Now the Australian nominations. Soundmixer one of them. #9news

Sport. Record breaking day for Punter and Pup. Also, Rafa mentioned. These people clearly don’t have full names. #9news

Now it’s sport. Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke have regained their names. Now Clarke is being interviewed. #9news

“You and the former captain, together, have performed soooo well”. Insightful question, there. #9news

Wow, that’s it. Very deep interview there, Roz. #9news

A Sharapova report. Her shrieking mentioned after 3 seconds. #9news

Some sizzle for the Rafa v Federer match, mixed with footage of Federer crying. #9news

A bit of golfing related laughs. Not sure what was done. It was pretty quick. #9news

Not even tweeting how stereotyped the ad from Today was. Except to say – people dressed as kangaroos. #9news

The Australian of the Year Awards mentioned, with short biographies of the recipients. #9news #thatisit

On #aca, outrage over parking tickets being given to people who actually bought a parking ticket.People get fined when it doesn’t touch dash

On the Gold Coast, make sure YOUR PARKING TICKET TOUCHES THE DASHBOARD. #aca #closeups

“Bureaucratic Madness” phrase used. #aca #drink

Gold Coast Council have rescinded the fine due to story. A “good old fashioned victory for common sense” according to Tracy. #9news

Ah, now it’s the “run away from the camera, swearing” story. This time it’s the “Worst Boss”. #aca

Backpackers put into a crowded, hot, dusty compound with barbed wire by the Worst Boss. #aca

The backpackers are blonde and female. Good visitors. #aca

“If you put this on the news” – The Worst Boss claiming the backpackers damaged a caravan. #aca

Martin is now shouting at John, the Worst Boss. John drives off, saying “hooroo”. #aca

Now two Scottish girls who were “dumped by the side of the road”. Cue footage of John swearing out of context. #aca

More shouting and swearing from John, The Worst Boss. And Martin shouting at him some more. End of story. #aca

Now it’s the Bully Fighter who was a Youtube sensation being profiled. Justin Bieber is on #ACA praising him. #squee

The Bully Fighter is a Role Model and Inspiration, complete with soft Inspirational piano music accompanying him. #aca

Footage of bullyfighter, giving advice while we see him playing a guitar. #aca

Casey is on a campaign to “ride the world of bullies”, but has fun running around having fun. #aca

Ah, we can see that the Excess Baggage show will have footage of KFed in an ambulance, after his @GWS_Giants incident. Classy. #aca #ads

Did I mention that Justin Bieber appeared on #aca? Why no more #squee from my followers? #squee #biebertastic

Now footage of the Australian of the Year – Geoffrey Rush. #aca

I wanted to see a David Helfgott style hug from Geoffrey Rush. We didn’t get it. #aca #aoty

Now it’s Tracy back, saying Rush is a “shining beacon”. I wonder if she will say that when he states opinions on things. #aca

Tomorrow’s #aca looks amazing. Special Australia Day edition.

January 26 – With Special Guest Tweeter @katiemelb

Gonna be live-tweeting #9news in the absence of @prestontowers, who is busy drinking beer. NB: It’s #9news Melbourne, not Sydney.

Live-tweeting #9news on Australia Day may end up in my throwing my TV out the window. Just sayin’.

“The PM and Tony Abbott … angry mob … ugly incident… riot police … terrified PM” Off to a good start on #9news

“angry raging mob … moment of terror captured on Julia Gillard’s face” – I have to say the footage is very dramatic. #9news

Footage of PM’s security advising her that sitch is deteriorating and she shd leave. Convo subtitled with various words highlighted. #9news

Contrasting Canberra with peaceful sunny Australia Day in Melbourne. Parade, nationalisation ceremonies, choirs singing anthem. #9news

Woodchoppers, barbecues, beer, a Chinese dragon, Bollywood dancers. T. Baillieu attempting to sing Waltzing Matilda with some voters. #9news

At Torquay, a world record attempt for the largest number of people floating on inflatable thongs. I’m not making this up. #9news

Crossing to Australia Day celebrations in Poowong, Gippsland, where they’re having a “Kenny” lookalike contest. Hee. #9news

Australian of the Year Geoffrey Rush criticised for saying the plight of asylum seekers should be recognised through the arts. #9news

A few seconds about police mishandling of a car chase + the teenage train surfer who died. #9news

Ads! I never watch ads. Woolies, the Ghan … aaaaand mute Retravision Australia Day sale – I cannot abide ads that yell at me. #9news

Back to Canberra for commentary on Canberra incident. “To be fair, only a fraction” of those from Tent Embassy took part in protest. #9news

A few seconds on the young man who died in Laos while tubing, fire in rubbish dump in Wantirna South, Bernard Tomic fined #9news

Brief coverage of Anthony Albanese speech gaffe but sound is patchy so Hitch has to cover back in studio. #fail #9news

Sport reporter at Melbourne Park. First, cricket: “It may have been Indian Republic Day, but it was Australia’s day on the field”. #9news

Vision of Julia Gillard at the Lodge saying she’s fine; only sorry that “such a wonderful event was disrupted”. #9news

Hardly Normal … er, Harvey Norman ad: “The Great Aussie Sale” against background of red dirt road. Oi oi oi. #9news

Livinia Nixon on location somewhere doing the weather. Kids with Australian flags behind her. Perth unbearably hot. #9news

Livinia is standing next to a barbecue loaded with snags and chops, near the Yarra. Melb’s gorgeous summer weather to continue. #9news

Torquay world-rec attempt for the largest no. of ppl floating on inflatable thongs (which were green and gold, BTW): my fave bit of #9news

And that’s a wrap. I will NOT be live-tweeting Ray Martin’s Australia Day special on A Current Affair. #9news

January 27

Ok, betting time. At what point in tonight’s #9news will we see yesterday’s footage again?

Protest Fury to start #9news. Already shown last night’s Gillard footage in 6 seconds.

Anger of Australia Day Flared Again. Burned National Flag. #9news

“Activists” say they will keep fighting on. Footage of people burning flag. #9news

Abbott been misinterpreted. Shows snark in answer to interviewer. #9news

Mick Gooda agrees with Tony Abbott. Another Aboriginal leader says protestors should apologise to Gillard and Abbott. #9news

Oooh, #9news has inside information from AFP on yesterday’s incident.

More footage from yesterday, accompanied by Gillard praising police action. Then Abbott praises AFP. #9news

ACT Police have revealed they are investigating yesterday. The AFP “specially trained” officers are the “best of the best”. #9news

Security detail on “high alert” Security experts praise the operation. #9news

Slowed up footage of yesterday, with a green filter, and the methods used written on the screen. #9news

Expert security protector of Nick Greiner (as Premier) looking at a computer screen of the footage, praising security officers. #9news

I think #9news has shown yesterday’s footage some 6 times already.

Missing shoe is discussed. It is being handed back to Parliament House in the next few minutes. Reported by Simon Bouda on the scene #9news

Two men have been shot in “another night of violence in Western Sydney”. Explosion of gun crime. Cars riddled with bullets. #9news

Police officer interviewed. The victim is already under charges for shooting someone. This is “payback”. It’s been a bloody night. #9news

A “wall of silence” from the victims. #9news #metaphorcity

Floods in NSW. Parks “completely swamped”. Reporter standing in front of swollen river. Urgent medical supplies have been delivered. #9news

Urgent recall of Sanyo Microwaves – don’t use a particular model. #9news

The “Bulli Rapist” will be let free next week, after 22 years in gaol. #9news

He “terrorised” the Wollongong community. Sources are “sure he will offend again”. #9news

Howard Brown interviewed – he believed the Bulli Rapist should have had life imprisonment. #9news

For many families, the next week will be very busy and very expensive. Ross Greenwood story. #9news

Sped up footage of parents buying school supplies. #9news

School blackboard graphic showing average costs for school enrolment. #9news

Greenwood in an Officeworks, talking about costs, holding up laptops. #9news

Greenwood talking about buying second hand uniforms. Also, helping hand for those who really struggle mentioned. #9news

The Dumped Yellow Wiggle after the break. #9news

Curious that Greenwood’s Graphic of Choice is a blackboard. Does any school use blackboards anymore? #9news #anachronism

Also, I really liked the Green Filter they put on the footage from yesterday. #9news

Breaking Story – Human remains found at Kyeemah. #9news

Petrol Prices have gone down. Disappointed Greenwood hasn’t got a petrol pump graphic. #9news

Breast Implant Scare scam organiser has been caught by police in France. #9news

Now it’s Sam Moran, the dumped Yellow Wiggle. Story from Peter Harvey, who refers to “Yellow Wiggle Magic”. #9news

Sam Moran is with former Dorothy the Dinosaur, who has written a book. #9news

Sam Moran is humbled by the comments received from Facebook. It’s “not about him”, says Moran to searching questions from Harvey #9news

And they were really searching questions from Harvey. Moran didn’t want to answer – Harvey then drew his own conclusions. #9news

I wonder if Peter Harvey has lost his edge, not being able to crack an ex-Wiggle with his interview technique. #9news

Sport. Australia is good. India not so. Lyon “closed the curtains” on The Little Master. #9news Footage of lots of bum smacking.

Parramatta coach will let Chris Sandow play his “unpredictable football”. He “can’t stop it”. #9news

Unsettled weather on the way for Sydney. Unfortunately, no green filter and words printed on the weather. #9news #pity

Cyclone Izzy is blowing off WA. Not sure who they named that after. #9news

Thanks to @esseeeayeenn, who tells me it’s Cyclone Iggy. As in Pop, no doubt. Expect some naked cyclone action. #9news

Tomorrow on #9news, the Sacked Gillard Media Advisor. And more of the Footage. Possibly with a red filter, for anger.

Tonight on #aca, the David Power Sex Scandal. Explosive level.

Two mistresses compare notes on what David Power wrote to them. He is a charismatic man. #loverat #aca

Racy text messages – make a Mills and Boon burst at the seams. Saucy references to kitchen benches. #aca

“I have never been able to look at a kitchen bench the same since that night”. “Me either”. #loverat #aca

“Ok, I’m like the walking dead, what have you done to me?” #loverat #aca #crackingdialogue

Steamy messages spilled over to her Facebook page. “Woozy, woozy woo” – “Hugs and kisses”. #aca

“When you get better, you can come play at my house”. “Oooh, I just got woozy”. “Woozy, woozy, woo”. #loverat #aca #woozywoozywoo

Steamy messages spilled over to her Facebook page. “Woozy, woozy woo” – “Hugs and kisses”. #aca

“Politicians love to press the flesh” – the women were suspicious about his activities. #aca

His election campaign might be “weak at the knees” as well. #aca #loverat

“If you look at my background, my performance, you’ll find I’m the best person for the job”. Thanks, David. #loverat #aca

The Council Casanova vows to stay in the race. Footage of both women standing in a Gold Coast apartment building. #aca

The man had more on his mind than rubbish, roads or rates. #aca Whole story accompanied by faux tango music.

UnAustralian Parking Fine Story. “The World’s Gone Crazy”. Parking Fine Revenue Raising. Unofficial Quotas mentioned. #aca

Footage from the other night’s story about parking fines reused for today’s story about parking fines. Gold Coast story as well. #aca

Do #aca do stories about other councils other than the Gold Coast’s?

The Baby Whisperer. Elaine Harvey claims she can get any baby to stop screaming and sleeping. #aca

“Others call her The Baby Whisperer” and “Australia’s Own Supernanny”. Someone make a film for this person! #aca

Lullababies Program mentioned. Footage of children sleeping. #aca

There was a time when Supermodels were a rarified breed. But now Jen Hawkins is going bush for a new photo shoot. #aca

Pictures of Jen laughing with a bushman local, who looks pretty happy. #aca

Local pub owner talks about his pub, which does a good steak. #aca

Now on #aca – the council who wouldn’t let people paint a house the colour they chose.

Now the people can’t afford to repaint it. #aca

Local neighbours are angry with the person who has painted her house yellow. #aca

Champion Cheapskate. I love this segment on #aca.

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I had been a teacher observing politics and the media from the outside for some time. I became a political insider, didn't like it much, and hightailed it back to watching it again. And still loving teaching.

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